Every Patient Has Unique Needs

Methylphenidate ER is now available in a range of dosing options for easy titration to achieve the necessary therapeutic range. This means you can harness an ideal dose to help patients get the therapy they need in a convenient, affordable once-daily solution.

Josh, Age 20

Titration 18-mg + 18-mg + 9 additional mg = 45-mg (in one daily dose)

Diagnosis: ADHD

Current Medications: Patient started on 18-mg of Methylphenidate ER six months ago and has recently titrated to 36-mg in two Methylphenidate ER tablets daily (18-mg + 18-mg). The doctor does not want to move patient all the way up to 54-mg, so the new in-between once-daily 45-mg provides a better option to titrate more gradually as the next step.

Situation: ADHD symptoms have improved, but a dose adjustment may provide better control. Patient requires titration to 45-mg daily but is resistant to taking more tablets and is more comfortable in making a more gradual increase.

Joey, Age 14

Quantity Limit = 30 Tablets

Diagnosis: ADHD

Current Medications: 63 mg in two Methylphenidate ER tablets daily (18-mg + 45-mg)

Situation: The patient's prescription plan imposes a monthly quantity limit of 30 tablets, so he incurs higher out-of-pocket costs. Taking a single 63-mg Methylphenidate ER tablet brings Alex within the monthly quantity limits and reduces the monthly prescription cost.

Isabella, Age 18

1 Manufacturer =
Same Appearance

Diagnosis: ADHD and generalized anxiety disorder

Current Medications: (2x36-mg) Methylphenidate ER tablets daily and medications for anxiety

Situation: Patient switched from branded Methylphenidate HCl extended-release tablets to a generic methylphenidate extended-release product to reduce out-of-pocket costs. She is now concerned about receiving tablets that vary in shape, size, and color from fill to fill. She prefers a product produced by the same manufacturer with each fill.

Alex, Age 30

Convenience = One 72-mg* tablet
versus Two 36-mg tablets

Diagnosis: ADHD

Current Medications: (2x36-mg) methylphenidate ER tablets daily

Situation: Patient and parents may prefer the convenience of taking one 72-mg* tablet daily versus two 36-mg tablets daily.

Not actual patients. For illustrative purposes only.

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Pharmacokinetic Study:
Methylphenidate ER Once-Daily Dosing Efficacy

The study exhibits how once-daily Methylphenidate ER 72-mg works as effectively as twice-daily doses.

Methylphenidate ER 72-mg has demonstrated bioequivalence to two 36-mg branded methylphenidate HCl extended-release tablets.2

Pharmacokinetic study of mean methylphenidate plasma concentration over time — Administration of one Methylphenidate ER 72-mg tablet versus two 36-mg branded methylphenidate HCl extended-release tablets.2

Per revised FDA guidance in 2014, additional bioequivalence metrics are required to ensure that a new Methylphenidate ER alternative is therapeutically equivalent to branded methylphenidate HCl extended-release tablets.3

  • 36
  • 36
  • 72

Demonstrated bioequivalence to two 36-mg branded methylphenidate HCl extended-release tablets2

  • Metrics
  • meets fda bioequivalent criteria3
  • Cmax
  • AUC(0-∞)
  • AUC(0-3)
  • AUC(3-7)
  • AUC(7-12)

References: 1. Methylphenidate hydrochloride extended-release tablets [package insert]. Trigen Laboratories, LLC; 2022. 2. Data on file, Osmotica Pharmaceutical US LLC. 3. US Food and Drug Administration. Draft Guidance on Methylphenidate Hydrochloride. Revised November 2014. Accessed July 2018.

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