Why Methylphenidate ER Might Be Right for You

With Methylphenidate ER, you take just one tablet per day, and its extended-release formula will help keep you on track throughout the day. There's no need to remember a second dose.


Once-a-day Methylphenidate ER now offers 45-mg and 63-mg dosing options. With more dosing options comes the flexibility to choose the right dose for your needs.


At one tablet per day, Methylphenidate ER is an insurance-friendly medication that can be purchased for little or no out-of-pocket expense, even if your insurance imposes a quantity limit.


Methylphenidate ER tablets are produced by only one manufacturer. This means you get the same tablet you trust every time you fill your prescription.


As a generic drug, Methylphenidate ER is available nationwide, with ample supply when and where you need it. Get an affordable, once-a-day medication and help bring your life into focus!

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*Co-pay cards are available for prescription coverage assistance for qualified patients. For terms and conditions, click here. Offer void where prohibited. Other restrictions apply. The use of this Savings Card is limited to prescriptions of Methylphenidate ER 45-mg, 63-mg and 72-mg tablets.